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About our contact, privacy policy, advertising, Recruitment Information 2016LONG7.COM, ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED / POWERED, BY, LONG7, PROFESSIONAL, SNEAKER, MEDIA, Shanghai, ICP, ready for No. undoubtedly, the previous VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 let you players shout fun. This time, ASAP Bari announced a new color VLONE x Nike Air Force 1. The spy is not difficult to see that the new color seems to be in black and blue colors, so what kind of effect, let us wait and see. Jeremy Scott always brings us unexpected surges; and Yohji Yamamoto, the new master of the new products, often makes us invisible. A few days ago, he launched the "Adidas Yohji Pacer" and some 10 years commemorative paragraph, let us see the surprise. One of the Adidas GSGX is quite striking. The shoes are made of mixed red and black suede and leather, which are like cartoon colors. The high shoes, together with the unique outsole of outdoor shoes, are quite dazzling and durable. This is expected to produce only 300 pairs, and a limited edition shoe, which is now available at Colette. Diemme 2011 winter and new releases Nike Sportswear Air Force 1 Vac Tech Pewter Pewter coating light and shade texture comments on last article: Diemme 2011 winter and autumn new release next article: Nike, Sportswear, Air, Force, 1, Vac, Tech, Pewter, pewter coating, light and shade textureTo create the eldest daughter - Yamamoto Teruji Yamamoto Satomi's clothing brand "LIMI feu" and the British factory launched a joint Dr.Martens boots boots. Inherited his father's dark monotonous dress style, adding their cheap air jordans online own favorite girl feelings of achievement neutral style of dress, of course in the United States is also keen to try this experiment of the avant-garde elements, and the British shoe factory joint boots, there are Zip Up and side zipper buckle tie two, make a new model in Martin the prototype boots, but also jump generally following the traditional rhyme, quite attractive. This shoe only Isetan Shinjuku sale, priced at RMB RMB 56700 and RMB 50400. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Real Madrid, "whirlwind, the whirlwind out", this time is cheerfully silver inventory. And many businesses in China have begun to inventory gains in this "do not take football seriously," the Games. The following is a magazine at the time of singing the praises of seven wolves, seven wolves on the importance of Real Madrid show exposition: "seven wolves sponsorship Real China trip, he saw Real Madrid's extraordinary influence in the world, especially their seven superstars - Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Ronaldo ears more, David Beckham, Carlos, the card of Nias super popular in China fans in. For seven wolves, the sponsor of Real Madrid is undoubtedly conducive to start seven wolves broader market, and shaping the international image of the seven wolves. seven wolves not only aimed at China, but also mind international, both need each competent players, they need a spirit of cooperation of the entire team, football spirit and seven wolves believe in yourself, believe in the concept of culture coincides with partners, and reputed Wuzhou strong symbol of royal stars, seven wolves male Outstanding Cheap foamposites for sale spirit spokesman, the two complement each other customary course seven wolves with Real Madrid but also to the reputation of the world's top clubs, showing their own strong style. " While people often claim that men do not care about football, not really a man, but I did for football matches of attention is not particularly large. But after reading the above paragraph, I really seven wolves this big move was pleased that seven wolves must be the big winner of this SHOW. However, when the turn to the back cover of this magazine, saw seven wolves full-page color ad page, only to find their own judgments are wrong: seven wolves working for adidas. Look at this ad: seven football star, David Beckham is still cool, Ronaldo still split the two ears more large front teeth, or several other serious or smiling, really gives a world in The powerful sense of the foot. In the middle of the screen advertising overprints the "seven wolves men - believe in yourself, believe in partnership," the words. From the overall layout, really reflect the "international image" and "strong style" However ridiculous that our seven kings wearing clothes chest are striking printed "adidas"! This is really a must seconds irony. Can you imagine in the Mercedes-Benz advertising inside, the hero is driving a BMW it? You can imagine the inside Coca-Cola ad, handsome boys & girls enjoy it but it is Pepsi? Can you imagine the IMB advertising inside, the office is in the operating DELL elite it? read this ad, you will go through seven wolves it? I think I definitely will not. I would definit Cheap foamposites for sale ely buy adidas, because all Real Madrid players are wearing adidas. As for the seven wolves, I feel like cut braids thought it was revolutionary party Ah Q. I do not know the owner of seven wolves have not seen the ad, read the ad if he did not spit blood, and I think he is really unparalleled in the world of psychological qualities of: throwing a lot a lot of publicity expenses, let others ride did not say, actually asking for trouble, let it dominate it! In fact, on reflection, seven wolves sponsor of Real Madrid, there are a lot of places can not withstand scrutiny: 1, Madrid show really make seven wolves fashion and internationalization of it? Nike still answer goes: "one of the business practices like carnivals, very busy, but there will be no long-term effects of many years of marketing experience according to Nike, it should be combined with the development of sports and physical education and technology products for priority consideration. , then naturally produces commercial effect, but it is not at a point in time was born. " 2, seven wolves sportswear or casual? From seven wolves slogan "for three consecutive years Chinese casual wear sales in the first" point of view, certainly located in the casual wear. Then sponsoring sporting event is suitable? To know that in your advertising inside, who is in use, in what occasions, the target group's influence is very large. Of course, if you try to make it a few buddies in your clothing casual occasions Hyun Hyun, its demonstration effect is enormous. 3, since it is Real Madrid show, why not let them ta new jordans shoes for sale ke your "Real Madrid coat" to wear? Since it is "the Real Madrid China Tour only designated dress", always made them to their own brand of clothes to wear show a show, right? If the arena is not, that when the photo nostalgia always be right? If this is the other side can not be met, the care of this lively sense? 4, speaking calmly, although they can not let Real Madrid wearing seven wolf show, but at least in the ad do not let other people see other similar products brand it! In fact, on this issue as a technical process it is very simple. Mainly without this awareness. But this neglect of the brand overkill, and is tantamount to their own beat themselves in the face. Details of achievements perfect, seven wolves that seriously reflect on. Needless to say, seven wolves keen to find opportunities in this Madrid show, the decisive shot, but the objective is also to play a certain brand awareness and reputation effects. But fashion and internationalization is not twelve deafening slogan, nor is it one or two impetuous hype, but in terms of strategy, tactics or in the implementation of the system can be, continuing to operate.Hornet departure Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite 2013-12-08 22:07:21 With the start of the playoffs, two pairs of home and away playoff color of the Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite also will meet with us. And now the University of yellow color Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite sale also is approaching, you can see a shoe in addition, it will support the sale as well as two pieces of matching polo shirt. A black and gray stripes, bright yellow chest embroidery James logo Cheap jordans online , another was yellow, chest embroidery emperor iconic lion logo. University of yellow color of the Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite will be US time at Nike Basketball store shelves on May 12th.Nike on sale in this weekend's Air Presto has been widely concerned, and the brand is also in the subsequent launch of a new color, the designer used lightning cover upper support bars of plastic signs selected by white rendering, black dotted details, but the most beautiful when the big blue bottom belongs to water! is reported that the shoes have now landed, designated retailers sold, the price of 199 U.S. dollars, interested friends may wish to wait for the domestic official website. (plum shoes editor) Horween and Vans Vault recently brought this year's joint series, but it's not the first time Horween and Vans Vault, the two sides have many years of successful joint history. Horween itself is a high quality leather 100 years history of manufacturing factories, and other leather factory in Chicago it is different, not only in favor of the fashion industry, plays an important role in the field of sports, from the last century since 50s, Horween and NBA and NFL in the NBA? Organization long-term cooperation of the National Football League etc. the ball, even baseball glove for their supply. Horween and Vans Vault this year is also the two brands launched after being apart a long time popular, so the two pairs of shoes: Old Skool Cup LX and Sk8-Hi Cup LX, it is not difficult to see from them, they have adopted the Cupsole cold sticky soles, once put on a foot, you will cheap foamposites for sale feel this pair of shoes has excellent texture the Vans UltraCush Lite ultra light outsole with Horween quite proud of Cordovan leather used in the shoe body, providing soft and comfortable wearing experience, even in a day, also does not have the slightest discomfort. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (88) share to micro-blogWhen the friends around him have to go abroad to celebrate the holiday, leaving the happy figure on FB, the stick to work the trend COOL small series more able to feel the Christmas approaching footsteps, fortunately classic brand's high-end branch converse Converse First String Release the 1970s Chuck Taylor "Christmas" Pack, only slightly relieve my anguish. Classic engraved shoe design inspired by Santa Claus and the Christmas tree or Christmas color, showing a lively atmosphere perfect for the holidays. This series of shoes will be December 21 (f) in INVINCIBLE EAST, CENTRAL started selling, Tall "Santa Red" price of NT $ 2,680, low cylinder "Amazon Green" price NT $ 2,480 (INVINCIBLE online shopping mall Limited).Swoosh rose gold, camel shoe, leather lining...... This pair of luxury Nike Air Foamposite Pro for Premium "Vachetta Tan" will be published during the all star game. Defined as the high-end version, it is not only superior in technology, but the price is also 70 dollars higher than other colors. I wonder if this design will make Sneaker buy it? at the beginning of Spring Festival, Vientiane new beginning. In January 22, 2017, the three SNEAKER Beijing concept store held a grand opening ceremony. For Beijing, which has a profound connotation of basketball, and the achievement of an four year three crown Dynasty team of the city, to read three basketball as shops and theme, invited to host Liu Fangyu Zhang Manyuan and basketball in the circle of the most popular presided over the ceremony, two people brought humor of the opening ceremony, at the same time. Dozens of sports media, senior SNEAKER collectors and fashion people were present, witnessed a new era of China culture and a splendid chapter in shoes. read three SNEAKER concept store in Beijing is located in the trend of the elements bringing together thousands of the Pacific in Sanlitun, by the famous Japanese architectural design firm was designed, the overall decoration elegant and refined style have a unique style. Is simple, yet modern, chose this style, aimed at high-end comfortable and very artistic atmosphere of the environment, to create a different shopping experience, Naozhongqujing, create a hitherto unknown SNEAKER shop. And in the ceremony, read three out of the "23" and the theme of the city of Beijing, a series of exquisite theme shoes exhibition, including Michael Jordan witnessed the visit to Beijing of Air Jordan 19, and the royal palace style with a variety of Nike LeBron Chinese version appeared in the ball shoes. Representatives of the Beijing basketball new generation , CUBA star Cao Fang as the star sign, streetball field, but also the shoe lovers, apparently for the basketball culture of Beijing and Beijing have read three land belonging to the Beijing young people's point of view, "I am a native of Beijing, has experienced the CUBA basketball tournament, but in any case, I love the most belong to Beijing basketball atmosphere, Dongdan and Tiantan, Wukesong, this is the epitome and symbol of Beijing basketball spirit." actually, in order to better integrate into the local culture in the city opened, read three not only will listen to consumers voice, is everywhere, will invite the most influential local players to join as a partner. In Beijing, the patron saint of Beijing Guoan goalkeeper "Saint" Yang Zhicheng to read three family a new molecule. The scene at the opening ceremony, Yang Zhixiang tells the story of the presence of many of the media read three SNEAKER concept store in Beijing as well as the concept of SNEAKER cultural influence on his life: "when I was young, every week to play basketball, football is even now I am engaged in the occupation movement, but it is still an important part of my heart and life. Among the many Air Jordan generation, my favorite is Air Jordan 22, it is distinctive, so that I remember deeply. And the number 22 is my jersey number, too." as for Yang Zhineng, in partnershipWarm and stylish Beanie 2016-12-22 14:37:08 Beanie -- wool cap warm knitting wool cap, in this season's collocation st.goods, just cover a woolen hat out of the street, instantly enhance the sense of style level, a street casual look much love beans Airport Look, male goddess gods, without a roof or cute or not not to tide woolen cap. A damp and warm woolen cap, is also very important selection and details come together at the demonstration to get trendsetter, we focus on. (secretly follow the style of the idols, the pictures come from the network) Kangol's Beanies as a historical tide hat originator brand, Kangol Quarterly "explosion money" how less Mao Xianmao, details are critical, we look for highlights. black and white spell color vs pure color classic This the hot season wool cap, bold use of black and white color design, two kangaroos logo each other and hope, do not have a taste. The key point of collocation is, don't keep it straight in the middle, white is a little bit ahead or black, a little bit more, look at your mood, ~ minimalist style is always the best match, a solid wool sweater, a simple but full of quality paste cloth, you must have seen in numerous love bean street shot countless times. As for the color choice, if you want cool low-key, please choose the fashion never black, if you like warm and beautiful shape, please bold choice bright color ~ metal ring vs Street cloth does not love routine, love cool and interesting items, please choose the decisive "rob essential cap", a metal ring decorated for the original low-key black hat suddenly lively and vivid up, like a pair of big eyes worn on the head, when used to ski clothing collocation, is not handsome handsome ~ then, the emphasis is on, one of the single items that are strongly recommended by Xiao Bian Ji season, the cloth decoration of music elements, each paste cloth is so good-looking, careful friends will be issued