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build a model of Northern Zhejiang market commercial civilization A, guiding ideology by Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, comprehensively implement the scientific supervision, Scientific Outlook on Development outlook and the socialist concept of honor, adhere to the "brand Li City, cultural city, civilized city", to build the development environment of modern commercial civilization, social integrity and harmony, to further enhance the comprehensive strength of market competition Haining Leather City Chinese, promote civilized and orderly, prosperity and development. two, main content 1, market planning "three": scientific (regional, national and international); industrialization (extension policy clear, base, outside); cluster (primary and secondary production, cleaning, integration). 2, the business environment "three": human (consumer tips, special service tips, shopping tips); leisure (leisure area, leisure projects, leisure services); modernization (information modernization, modern facilities, logistics modernization). 3, market facilities: "three": shopping malls (layout, service, function;; network (website) market, virtual market, online trading); safety (fire control, security monitoring, intelligent traffic order). 2, advertising the "Three Guarantees": the real (review, registration, accounting); maintain order (planning, record, on the basis of legal protection); (political, sensitivity, orientation). 3, contract "thr Cheap air jordans for sale ee noes": no fiction (no forgery, fraudulent use, no no no false (borrow); amount of intact, no false, no risk level); no false (compliance, trustworthy, Connaught). 1, the credit construction of "three networks" brand network (filing, retrieval, comparison); supervision network (planning, inspection, assessment); trading network (display, security, transaction). 2, credit evaluation "three": scientific (setting, evaluation, disclosure); comprehensive (collection, collection, entry); open (the index procedure). 3, "three": the regulation of Credit Incentive System (exemption, credit, reward); early warning system () nikeid-player-exclusive-program-02.jpg (135.18 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-5 11:29 upload nikeid-player-exclusive-program-01.jpg (62.64 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-5 11:29 upload nikeid-player-exclusive-program-03.jpg (56.78 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-5 11:29 upload nikeid-player-exclusive-program-04.jpg (171.74 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-5 11:29 upload nikeid-player-exclusive-program-05.jpg (129.68 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-5 upload 11:29Reebok's signature shoes Kamikaze I was born in 90s, perhaps the Reebok extraordinary significance, so as to bring about 1 Kamikaze I Love the 90s wonderful times I love 90s new version. Canvas uppers with colorful geometric shapes dotted white leather, with blue and pink lining embroidery details. reebok-kamikaze-i-love-the-90s Cheap jordans online .jpg (320.09 KB, download number: 10) download Reebok Kamikaze 1 I Love the 90s I love 90s 2015-4-3 10:01 upload reebok-kamikaze-i-love-the-90s-2.jpg (300.2 KB, download number: 12) download Reebok Kamikaze 1 I Love the 90s I love 90s 2015-4-3 10:01 upload reebok-kamikaze-i-love-the-90s-1.jpg (305.81 KB, download number: 8) download Reebok Kamikaze 1 I Love the 90s I love 90s 2015-4-3 10:01 upload reebok-kamikaze-i-love-the-90s-3.jpg (287.38 KB, download number: 7) download Reebok Kamikaze 1 I Love the 90s I love 90s 2015-4-3 10:01 upload reebok-kamikaze-i-love-the-90s-4.jpg (300.64 KB, download number: 11) download Reebok Kamikaze 1 I Love the 90s I love 90s 2015-4-3 10:01 upload Time: 2006-11-03 13:34 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association: click on the October 24th, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the provisions of the EU market of manufactured goods of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) content of not more than 0.005% of the mass, which marks the EU formally ban PFOS in the use of commodities, the transition period the ban for 18 months. PFOS is the organic pollutants found in the world the most difficult to degrade at present, have a high bioaccumulation and a variety of in October 24th, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the provisions of the EU market of manufactured goods of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) content of not more than 0.005% of the mass, which marks the EU formally no PFOS in the use of commodities Cheap foamposites for sale , the transition period of the ban for 18 months. Beijing 22 bags quality inspection unqualified GUCCI and LV and other big black board recently, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau on the Beijing market sales of luggage goods quality sampling, sampling unqualified bags 22... This afternoon, BELLE officially delisted 2 10000 stores today (July 27th) decide on what path to follow at 16 in the afternoon, the former "shoe king" BELLE International Exchange formally revoked the listing status in Hongkong. Hundred... Dust settles! BELLE privatized, but 2% of the opposition passed! Today (July 17th), BELLE (01880) the court held meeting and special meeting of shareholders on the privatization program in Jinjiang for 30 years... The day: remember, de Erhui xdlong, Kim Levin over the past 30 years, Jinjiang from the southeast coast of Fujian fishing village into "Chinese shoes", the birth of hundreds of sporting goods... Vietnam footwear exports $8 billion 800 million an increase of 18.4% according to the Vietnam Bureau of statistics statistics 2015 September last year, Vietnam exports a total amount of about $14 billion 200 million, a decrease of 1.9 compared to August... Dongguan shoe factory thousands of employees strike official intervention on the 5 day, Guangdong Dongguan largest shoe factory - Windsor shoe factory for thousands of people questioned in the temporary industry standard for more than 10 years... Hot network real name: Asia Footwear Chinese domain name: QQ:83331021 online website cheap foamposites China Asia Footwear. Copyright 2006-2011,, All, Rights, Reserved, copyright, all Asian footwear network, Email:, afnhk@126.comAir Jordan 1 "Metallic Red" will be re sold on 2016-09-05 15:18:17 next year earlier for everyone to introduce Jordan Brand will be sold again next year Air Jordan 1 "Royal", instantly detonated your small partners silent thoughts. Today, the network releases the message again, next year Jordan Brand will also sell the double Air Jordan 1 "Metallic Red" in May next year"! White tone, with red outline details, let the whole exudes a strong retro flavor Oh, shoes priced at $160, the number is 555088-103. 〈br james="" on="" the="" new="" nike="" lebron="" pe="" 2014-10-21="" 12="" pin="" 11:58:51 today, James led the Cavaliers to Chicago and the Bulls staged a preview of the season's finals in the Eastern Conference, and the Cavs won the match with a score of 107-98. James handed over 18 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists in 32 minutes, and it was worth mentioning that James today had a pair of Nike LeBron 12 PE that had never been exposed before. From the upper overall color collocation we can see that this is a Shuangkelifulan Cleveland home court color, but it is reported that this pair of shoes will not be released this year.Like Patta friends will remember its earlier and retro running shoes brand Asics jointly launched GEL-Saga and GEL-Respector shoes, this time, the two sides continue to lead edge, with the popularity of shoes GEL-L Cheap foamposites for sale yte III as the blueprint to jointly build joint. The shoes are made of high quality suede, designed with wine, red, brown and sand color, and the simple white midsole is equipped with iconic GEL slow shock technology. The shoes will be sold on the 9 th of this month, and the interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible. Kevin Durant on the instagram drying out their own last month, several times with the gradient color KD V PE. This beautiful thunder gradient PE shoes are predominantly black, with a base of thunder, iconic blue, and orange, and the lining is decorated with the same color pattern. In February each year is the day to commemorate the history of black people, once a year to become a traditional day of commemoration. Starting in 1976, Nike has also started a month of activities on this special day, most notably: Nike Air Force 1. Check out this Nike Zoom Kobe VI black commemorative edition with a full black upper and gold at the heel of the shoe. The "BHM" logo is on the side of the heel. These shoes symbolize the strength of the blacks and the tradition of blacks.Sports players Puma Suede Classic shoes Nissan line appearance 2012-08-20 16:56:28 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network August 20 hearing, it seems that Nissan line is always full of people feel the style, the Nissan version of the Puma Suede Classic series would really cause quite popular. Montenegro sheepskin as the main materi cheap jordans al, black and red color combination, to Japanese factories inserted more Japanese-style head with rounded edges, fine shoe design, style filling. Of course, in the interior roomy also were substantially streamlined, which is to give the wearer a more classic shoes texture. The new series will be available in Japan in early September. Puma (Puma) Brand Profile: Puma (Puma) is the world's leading sports brand. Puma (Puma) shoes and clothing is extremely welcome by young people around global hip-hop graffiti culture. Meanwhile Puma (Puma) and Adidas (Adidas) is 1970 and 1980 on behalf of the hip-hop culture. Puma (Puma) have appeal and influence of the first line in the world. Puma (Puma) accompanied Billy into the number one world championship finals foot, accompanied by Baker, tennis players rule the roost in the Wimbledon grass. Cooperation with top athletes and continue to pursue the latest technology to produce the best sports equipment. 1948, the Puma (Puma) by the founder Rudolf & middot; Dassler (Rudolf Dassler) was established in Herzogenaurach, Germany (Herzogenaurach). 1986 Puma (Puma) was added in Munich and Frankfurt stock exchanges. Today Puma (Puma) has 3,200 employees, exports more than 80 countries, the company's assets in 2003 reached 1.2 billion euros. For decades Puma (Puma) have been among the key players in the sports world in recent years, combined with a more successful pop / movement, emerged as one of the young favorite brands. Related news On October 2011 18-21 , the world's largest footwear, leather goods, leather technology exhibition (SIMAC TANNING-TECH 2011) in Italy, Bologna held four about 40 thousand square meters exhibition hall, exhibitors to show their latest development of new products, the core technology, some still in the world's first release, it can be said that the SIMAC TANNING-TECH 2011 a world of leather and leather products industry's latest technological achievements, to lead the future development trend of the downstream industry chain on the entire global leather production. numerical control shoemaking equipment development momentum is strong, in more than 200 countries participating enterprises, more than 70% of shoe-making, leather goods, leather equipment are CNC machine equipment, fully demonstrated the numerical control equipment in the global leather industry on the upstream and downstream industry chain strong momentum of development. Europe's three largest computer giant leather cutting machine, TESEO, ATOM: COMELZ, the maximum area of exhibition, showing the computer leather cutting machine was born twenty years ago the most complete category, the most diverse technology portfolio, the most abundant hardware category. Three companies have deep industry and strong R & D strength, with its unique product concept of the birth of their out of the ordinary mode of production in the industry for many years in each one has his good points, the accumulation of a large number of different customer groups, competition to promote their progress and the rapid development of the European leather industry about ten years, basically have entered the era of "digital" production. Italy three clamp help machine: MOLINA-BIANCHI, ORMAC, CERIM giant also Sheng makeup debut, brings out the concept of environmental protection, digital control automatic gluing machine, clamp help after the help of machine, automatic machine for sand and so on, colorful, distinctive. MOLINA-BIANCHI image clearly shows the BDF brand shoes the whole plant equipment, a number of unique new technology, can solve various problems for high-grade shoes with process, reflects the highest level of manufacturing quality shoes. ORMAC with its deep industry more than 50 years, launched the "new challengers" model for clamp machine, especially for the rapid growth in recent years the China market, specially equipped with Chinese menu, by many China shoemaking enterprises welcome Chinese products in the market sales on the upgrade. CERIM also exhibited a new "digital control" to help clamp machine and automatic machine for the automatic sand, sand machine for breakthrough the traditional sand machine for linear motion, according to the 3D curve for sand path, in the sports field to help even help sand injection shoes with unique advantages, welcome. Global leading enterprises in shoemaking line: ANZANI and VOLONTE also display the "digital" shoemaking line, object and model, which embodies the highest level in the field of digital shoemaking production. MA-MECC, the famous leather outsole manufacturer, displays CNC leather edgingNike KD 5 Trey III outstanding performance in the season, so many players will this as a routine and Nike boots, Basketball also increased R & D efforts in this regard, recently, foreign social media first to expose the next generation of Nike KD Trey 5 IV. This kind of adhering to the classic design before, at the same time with a large area followed by TPU, and in the bottom of the configuration did not disclose, interested friends please lock our follow-up reports. 1.jpg (373.99 KB, download number: 10) download Nike KD Trey 5 IV 2016-6-8 08:46 upload Nike 00Nike Air Presto new color matching 2014-05-06 22:42:59 brings you a brand new color Nike Air Presto shoes today, the color of the use of air blue to build uppers, sulfur color Swoosh and lining embellishment, the bottom of the use of gray, the whole pair of shoes is more sedate. The number of 347635-472 shoes, currently available on the foreign website, conditional friend can try. Nike LeBron 11 new color matching exposure 2014-02-24 21:06:46 followed by all star color, and another Nike LeBron 11 new color exposure. The new color of shoes in black, Flywire fly line and part of the Red Lace embellishment, inner and outer bottom and the Swoosh logo is the use of jade. According to the information provided on the network, this new color will be launched on Saturday, February 22nd, the price of $200, we will continue to pay attention to this new color matching more information.